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Glasgow Carpet Cleaning Specialists Shares Tips on Choosing the Best Service

Questions to ask to your Carpet cleaners as shared by Glasgow Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Glasgow, United Kingdom - August 30, 2019 / Growth Untapped

When cost is the only criteria to choose your carpet cleaning service, people often end up with lousy carpet cleaners with confusing claims and simply bad information. Choosing the right cleaning company goes beyond a random internet search and going with the cheapest quote.

Carpets can accumulate dirt, grime, allergens, and odours hence have to be deep cleaned periodically depending on the traffic on the carpet. There are a number of cleaning methods available which include hot water (steam) extraction, shampooing, dry foam extraction, bonnet cleaning, and dry absorbent compound. Depending on the requirement, one particular method is used though steam extraction is the most recommended method by most carpet manufacturers now.

With 19 years of experience, owner of Glasgow Carpet Cleaning Specialists, William Stewart shares some valuable insights into the best practices of the industry and how to choose the right service company for your needs.

What Products do they use for Cleaning Carpets in Glasgow?

You certainly don’t want to end up with an apparently clean carpet with presence of unwanted harsh chemicals which is hazardous to family health.

You should always select companies that use biodegradable or non-toxic cleaning solutions that doesn’t leave unwanted residue on the carpet. Professional and competent companies would never compromise on this factor.

Latest equipment and Skilled Staff

It is essential to consider a carpet cleaning company that has invested into proper professional equipment. Expert staff using proper tools complemented with the right choice of detergents can guarantee you the best cleaning.

William from Glasgow Carpet Cleaning Specialists says “we have invested £30,000 in new equipment this year and retrained our entire staff. This will also help our workers as the new equipment cleans carpets at almost twice the speed of the equipment we used up till now. Only those companies invest in their tools and training, who maintain a very high-quality standard and update their best practices as and when new technologies come into the market. With 20 years of experience, we have learned the importance of knowledge which has kept us ahead of our competition with an ever-expanding client base of both commercial and domestic customers”

Hidden Costs

Once you make the shift from “cheapest pricing” to “competitive pricing”, then you would have a much broader perspective to evaluate and select the service company. Many companies advertise the lowest price just to get a foot in the door and then identify many other issues to upsell. This should be a huge red flag in your evaluation process. If the company quotes you over the phone, then chances are the number will be inaccurate causing you a lot of stress later on.

Genuine professional companies always offer a personalised quote for upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning job to eliminate the possibility of hidden costs.

Glasgow Carpet Cleaning Specialists Offering the Eco friendly Cleaning with Latest and Best Practices

Glasgow Carpet Cleaning Specialists

GCC Specialists prides itself to offer its eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Glasgow along with upholstery cleaning, stain removal or leather conditioning. This company has continuously grown year on year basis by word of mouth which is a huge indicator of its customer satisfaction and brought it a reputation in all areas of Glasgow and surrounding areas.


The company owner William elaborates more on his companies strategies behinds it a success “ A lot of experience has gone into fine-tuning our methods, employees and processes. We work 7 days a week, reach on time every time, honour our quoted price and guarantee to do the job until the client is satisfied. Constant learning has led us to fine-tune our ever-evolving best practices. Now, most of our customers are happy just for the reason that their carpets are dry in just a couple of hours, and not days and weeks. And as hindsight, the best thing that worked for us is our flexibility in getting the best work done. Among all the Glasgow Carpet Cleaners, we are the biggest receiver of referral business”

upholstery cleaners glasgow

Among all the professional carpet cleaners in Glasgow, this company differentiates itself with guaranteed cleaning job till customer satisfaction, high work ethics, and highly skilled staff.

large-GCCS-logo.pngcarpet cleaning Cathcart.jpg

Contact Information:

Glasgow Carpet Cleaning Specialists

65 Old Castle Rd
Glasgow, Britain G44 5TG
United Kingdom

William Stewart
+44 7342 103775

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